So I’m Cynthia, I have never heard of word press before but I’m glad its very dynamic. I very much enjoy Pinterest, but maybe this can help me write a bit more on why I like the things I do. I’m an all over the place kind of person. I smile at the weirdest of human tendencies. I like trying food when I get the chance. I like anything that reminds me of pre-columbian Central America and what I mean by that is the art, the myths, and the clothes. I like music but music that can turn me into another version of myself. Bless kuduro, electro, and hip hop. I try to keep up to date with whats going on across the world. I like anime and making art, but when I have the time. I’m supposed to keep this brief so..Over and Out*

p.s this is a link to the Queens College Computer Science Department

and this is a link to Pinterest

Here is a bonus link to my favorite place to lurk where you could read up on anything that interests you: Reddit